Microsoft Forms, now available for personal use
Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of Microsoft Forms for personal use. Forms enables you to create a survey or quiz on any topic and works on any device via the web and the Office mobile app– making it easy to capture the information you need anywhere, anytime.
Microsoft Office 365 Personal 1 Year PC and Mac

With easy-to-use tools and clear design suggestions, you can gather input and make plans for a variety of activities –survey your neighborhood friends for a weekly running time, coordinate your holiday gathering with family, or even host a virtual trivia night with friends from any location. Working through virtual learning this year? Use Forms to engage with students or create fun and interactive quizzes with the option to add video. Parents needing to organize fundraisers or other school activities can use Forms to easily collect information and ideas from other families.

Forms for personal use is available today and complements our existing experiences for business and education. It is free for anyone with a Microsoft account, with premium features such as an expanded number of respondents and more templates available to Buy Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family subscribers.

Templates and themes offer creative design and AI-powered intelligence
With Forms, you can easily create, run, and analyze the results of your surveys and quizzes. Leveraging built-in intelligence, Forms does the heavy lifting for you by making smart template suggestions as you go, including recommended themes, plus additional questions and answer options based on what you type in the title.

You can customize each form for any scenario – from holiday planning to sports team organization – by selecting from a variety of themes and templates. The dozen templates available include invitations for holiday and birthday parties, feedback surveys, and even a t-shirt size sign-up form to help with team orders. Themes vary from events to holidays, travel, learning, food, and more – or you can use your own photos to personalize your form. Microsoft Office 365 Personal Clearance SALE

Once your form is ready, you can share it out via a link or QR code that can be accessed from virtually anywhere – from any device at any time. With real-time responses and automatically generated charts, your results are at your fingertips; Forms makes it easy for you to understand the results quickly and easily. Plus, you can export your results directly to Excel for additional analysis.

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