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When it comes to World of Warcraft, the interface is not as great as it can be. This led to the creation of countless interesting addons that simply change the game experience. Countless options are available when it comes to WOW add-ons. Some are designed to modify how you see game action while others help to increase the possibility of being successful in WOW raids like those here: Simply put, regardless of what you want to do, there are add-ons that can help you. Here are some that you might want to install right now. Shop Video Games
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In patch 7.3.5, Blizzard introduced dynamic level scaling. This changed how characters are leveled. Action Cam is a feature that was added so that users can make WOW act and feel like a third-person game. You do this by using Dynamic Cam. You thus end up with a different Azeroth scale. Everything starts to feel exciting and adventurous again. Whenever you level up a brand new character, this is surely an addon that will make the game feel different.Sony PlayStation VR Resident ON SALE
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This complex all-in-one WOW add-on collection is highly respected among players. It gives access to a complete redesign of all the default UI elements. You can customize so many different things and gain access to numerous extra additions. For instance, you can use TidyPlates in order to freshen-up and revamp the aging interface of the World of Warcraft. Your interview view will be better and all the essential utilities are taken care of, like being able to automatically perform item repairs.

Every single serious guild that does raids in WOW knows about this add-on. It helps the healers and DPS members of the party to always know what aggro is in place for all the targeted monsters. As a result, you can easily figure out when you might end up stealing aggro from the tank that has to keep all the aggro for a raid to be successful. When playing really fast-paced dungeons and raids, this type of information is simply priceless so Omen Threat Meter is a necessity.Shop uShopMall

This is a rather small addon but it is invaluable. It works by adding texts to the icons in the action bar. As a result, you know the cooldown of your capabilities and you can use smart customization options to get the information in the time display that you prefer.

With this interesting WOW add-on, you can automate many different things as you level up a character. After installing it, an arrow will appear on your screen. It takes you from one quest to the next in a very optimized path. At the same time, the add-on automatically handles many time-consuming leveling actions, like communicating with the NPCs and quest items. You simply end up grinding through levels a lot faster.

World Quest Tracker is very useful as it rectifies the problem with the outdated map interface in the game. You can use it to zoom out so you see available rewards and you can select what is very important for you. You just have to click on the appropriate icon and you can track many world quests without having to look at the map every single time you do that.