I saw that familiar and historical voodoo logo of HP OMEN is Replaced by a large square. I waited for a long time, but new mold is not released, while the voodoo logo is missing. I am not happy, so I spit out a bit to see if I could get the new mold:

Then the new mold came out, and AMD’s Ryzen mobile standard pressure and 2060 unique display is added for the first time. Is this wave of shadow elves really fragrant? Let us see "Ye Qinghui" Shadow Elf 2020 New Version Mold!

The mold of the new Shadow Elf OMEN 15 is easy to see the difference from the old model. For appearance, it returns to the basics from "Dazzling and Cool". It is also 8% smaller and 11% thinner than the old model. It also supports 180°opening and closing, it is more commercial. The restrained and thin design makes the machine feel like a "suit mob" for the first time. Business men like games and classmates work in the office as well as men study in the library will not feel embarrassed on the corresponding occasions.


The design is different from ASUS that removes the camera directly, the new OMEN 15 retains the Windows Hello IR camera, which not only supports face unlocking, but also allows everyone to enjoy online lessons. This is also one of the rigid needs in a special period. The screen is as close to the narrow border as possible, but the chin is still there. After all, the OMEN logo needs to be marked, otherwise no one knows that this is a gaming laptop just by looking at the appearance. The small keyboard area is more "unique". Do you think the number keys or the function keys are more important?


On the core hardware, the difference in CPU performance between AMD and Intel is very obvious, and the difference between AMD and Intel on supporting facilities is also very obvious. The AMD version of OMEN 15 is only available up to a 144Hz IPS gaming screen. As for why not a higher resolution or higher refresh rate screen, we will know a little bit later.


Intel’s large 300Hz is particularly eye-catching. It is not just a killer of 300Hz IPS. Users can also choose OLED, 4K 120Hz and G-Sync to meet the needs of all kinds of users.

Seeing this, do you understand something? RTX2060 limits the upper limit of the screen. 144Hz is already sufficient, but is it really just because of the 2060 problem that a better screen is not allowed? In fact, the reason is not difficult to understand. You must know that AMD’s current volume is not as good as Intel’s one-year marketing expense. Although AMD’s Ryzen 7 4800H YES is no problem, a good horse has to be equipped with a saddle. The CPU and other supporting hardware can’t keep up, which is reflected in the user experience, "AMD with stronger theoretical performance has a poor actual experience, but the more expensive Intel does not have these problems. It is expensive, Intel Yes!"


Although Intel has only the 10th generation i7, it has high heat and high power consumption and lower performance than Ryzen 7 4800H, the performance of 2070 Super Max-Q is significantly improved than 2060. It can meet various games, designs, editing, etc. with different screens. demand. Both machines are equipped with HDMI, Gigabit cable and 3 USB3.0 ports, Intel’s Type-C is Thunderbolt 3, and AMD naturally can’t enjoy it.


Although the previous generation of molds are not as effective as Lenovo’s Y7000 and Y7000P, they are still much better than Dell’s new aliens and G7/G5. This generation of HP continues to be equipped with IR temperature sensors, with the new Tempest Cooling technology, 2 The 3 out of the air duct design, the heat dissipation performance should not be worse than the old model. The old Shadow Elf 5 can maintain 45W TDP during long-term operation, which is completely sufficient for Ryzen 7 4800H, and Intel needs to unlock at least 90W 8-core i7/i9 to be equal to 45W Ryzen 7. I don’t know how the new Shadow Elf can Whether to withstand the pressure.


So It needs to know, where can I buy the new Shadow Elf? Currently only the Intel version is available on HP's official website. The starting price of i5+1650 is $909.99, and the maximum configurable 6-core i7 10750H+2070S Max-Q+4K 120Hz IPS combination, the price is not too cheap, I still look forward to whether the AMD version can bring it Surprise.

One more thing, the new Pavilion Gaming 16 is also released. The 16" screen maintains the size of an ordinary 15" gaming notebook. The highest 10th generation i7 and 2060MQ are available. The 1080P 144Hz screen can also meet the needs of various games. Pig King also dismantled the machine for the first time. The 100% sRGB screen, 2.5" disk position and low noise are praised, but only the 35W CPU dual-bake power consumption is unfortunate, and the hardware performance cannot be fully utilized.

With more AMD Ryzen 4000 series mobile standard gaming laptops on the market, everyone has more and more choices, although the supporting software and hardware of these AMD gaming laptops are lower than those of the same level Intel gaming laptops, and none of them can even be called It's a flagship gaming notebook, but users really care more about performance and cost-effectiveness. Asus Tianxuan is a good proof. I hope that manufacturers can also give AMD gaming laptops a higher treatment. I don’t expect to be equal to Intel gaming laptops immediately. At least the graphics card and screen can be upgraded by another level. As long as it release, everyone buy directly!