What Games Are Worth Playing on Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest, with its powerful performance, stable tracking performance, simple appearance and rich content, has won the love of many VR players, but also attracted the interest and attention of many VR players who do not know much about it.

Unlike Oculus Go, Quest's product positioning is more like a game console, and for a game console, excellent exclusive and port content is essential. So which games in the Quest store are really worth playing, Let's explore these fun games together

  • Games in Oculus Store
    • Shooting games
  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★★

In addition to PSVR's Resident Evil 7 and the newly released Walking Dead (Q4 Quest 2020), Arizona Sunshine is the No.1 zombie shooting game and a must-play in VR FPS.With its excellent shooting touch and level design, this is a game you can't stop playing.

  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

As you all know, SUPERHOT is an action/shooter game with special game mechanics, in which time only moves forward as the player moves, Quest, as an all-in-one machine, greatly improves its mobility and freedom, will giving this game a refreshing feeling.

  • Gun Club VR
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

Every weapon you can imagine can be found in this game, from pistols, microthrusters, shotguns, assault rifles to sniper rifles. With its metal texture and appearance, you can reshot, reshot, shot, almost like a real gun, You can also make various modifications to the gun, such as expanding the bomb capacity, adding laser sights, flashlights, etc.

  • Robo RecallUnplugged
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

With distinctive design, the interaction of various enemy robots is very imaginative, for example, you could grab a rocket launcher from an enemy robot and use it as a rocket launcher to blow it up, this is also a a must-play on Quest.

  • Space Pirate Trainer
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★

This is a classic VR shooting game with simple design, just to Shoot the enemy with the guns in both hands. it's still worth playing on Quest.

  • Rhythm games
  • Beat Saber
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★★

Many people buy Oculus Quest for playing this game. The most fun of the game is playing the songs that you know and love, which gives you the illusion of being a drummer or DJ. custom playlists are not officially available. You need to install the BMBF with Sidequest and download it.

  • Pistol Whip
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★★

The character moves from one end of the map to the other, following the music, you have to shoot with a pistol or smash various rhythm modules or enemy with the butt of your gun.

  • Recommendation Rate:★★★

This is a more traditional rhythm shooting game, motionless in place, according to the music rhythm shooting flying rings.

  • Action/sports game
  • The Climb
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

The Climb is an older climbing game. Unique system and route design, including scene elements and interactive details that you are not at all boring every time you play.

  • Path of the Warrior
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

In this 3D VR boxing game,you will play a street fighter who can fight against forty, in addition to using boxing, leg skill, even tornado whirlwind leg, there are also some game props such as pot covers, plates, trash cans, rolling pins, knives, and even the BOSS's flight for you to choose.

  • RUSH
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

RUSH is a gliding game in which you have to fly from one side of a valley to the other like Superman while racing against computers or players online, it is recommended to players who want to experience the feeling of flying in the sky.

  • Espire 1: VR Operative
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

A very unique diving action shooting game, you play a secret agent, a remotely operated robot who infiltrates the enemy-occupied institute to find out the truth. You can tranquilize the enemy to sleep, or you can go behind them and ask them to put their hands up, Interestingly, the game supports voice input (though only two sentences). You can sneak up behind an enemy and say "freeze" and have him freeze his hands.

  • Death Lap
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

The game can be seen as a rough American version of Mario Kart in the VR world. The player not only to complete the course, but also to launch missiles or machine guns to blow opponents into the sky.

  • Sports Scramble
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

In this game, you can play tennis, bowling and baseball in VR. You can choose to player VS computer games or you can play online. That's worth trying.

  • Narrative/experience games
  • Star Wars: The Vader Trilogy of Immortality
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★★

In this game, you will play a captain with a force sensitive constitution, confront Darth Vader, and accept his instruction for a short time. The images are exquisitely made for Quest and are of unparalleled quality, the whole game is thrilling, with the use of the Force and lightsaber chopping faithfully recreating the original.

  • Waltz of the WizardExtended Edition
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

This is an interesting sorcerer's VR game, if you're a fan of the wizarding world of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings,  this is your must having collection.

  • APEX Construct
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★

In this game, the player's main weapon is a mechanical bow that can shoot different arrows. You play as a human awakened by ai "FATHR", and then explore the world that has been taken over by enemy AI robots "MATHR" after the cataclysm.

  • Dreadhalls
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★

People who like scary games can choose this one, the picture is rough and you can try it (relatively cheap, too)

  • Decryption games
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★★

RED MATTER is probably one of the most amazing games on Quest, with incredibly high quality graphics.

In the game, you act as an agent who travels to an abandoned alien enemy base to retrieve confidential information. The base is empty and seemingly calm, but then you discover the shocking truth...

  • I Expect You To Die
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★★

You act as one (or hundreds of backup) agent, performing various missions. Although these missions are carried out in a small space, such as cars, balconies, submarines, but the slightest mishandling will lead to death, and then send a new agent to continue the mission...

The game has been well received on The Quest store, and along with The Thrill of The Fight, is one of The most highly rated games.

  • Moss
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★

You play a elf in the forest, helping a mouse fight and decrypt from the third person perspective. It is better for girls or people who don't like the heat of battle.

  • Last Labyrinth
  • Recommendation Rate:★★

In this game, you play a man strapped to a wheelchair, and all you can do is to direct the little girl on the cover to unlock the door for you with a laser pointer in your hand. The pace of the game is really slow, you need to observe and think about how to decrypt it.

  • Angry Birds VR: The Island of pigs
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★

Angry Birds VR game, the basic gameplay doesn't change, you can get more interests than the mobile version. First, you can observe the scene from multiple angles, or decide which angle to shoot the bird from, it's a bit of fun for women and casual gamers alike.

  • Sidequest

Sidequest is a free third party Quest tool used on computers (Either Windows or Mac). You can use it to install apps for your Quest, turn on hidden features (such as screen brightness), change themes or skins, and more. Here are a few must-have features on SQ.

  • Pavlov VR
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

Pavlov is a popular VR online game on Steam and is called the VR version of Counter-Strike. The Quest version is said to be available in the Quest store in late 2020 or early next year, but until then you can get a kick out of Pavlov, which is free on SQ.

  • To The Top
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★★

As a rare VR action game, it has an unparalleled sense of speed and refreshing, allowing you to experience spider-man's climbing walls in VR, as well as the leap of faith of assassin's creed.

  • Tea For God
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★★

This is a Rogue-like Maze quest and shooter game, and is still in development.

  • Crisis VRigade
  • Recommendation Rate:★★★★

Simple game design, but it's fun to play, and sometimes you'll suddenly find yourself surrounded by enemies who have to lie down to avoid being shot, and constantly look for opportunities to fight back amid the gunfire.